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Birthdate:Nov 19
Location:Uniontown, Pennsylvania, United States of America

I live in Smithfield, in the state of...
I like to read...a lot, give me books,PLEASE! I also like to sing, write , and play with my cats.
I hate not having anything to do, and allergies, those also suck.
If someone handed me an gift certificate I would buy everything in my shopping cart, and Optimus Prime for Chris.

You may sometimes see me talking about my closet dwellers. I was in love with Ken Wregget in high school, and when my now husband went to a game, I told him to bring me Wregget so I could keep him in my closet. Hence forth anyone I've stalked been obsessed with since then, has become a dweller of my closet. It's kind of TARDIS like, actually, and is in my special fangirly place. Occasionally I'll yank someone out and torture play with him for a while, and call it writing.

I can't spell. I am aware of this fact. I don't care all that much. I think I've earned the right to spell badly. I had an English teacher in junior high who couldn't spell his way out of a paper bag and I loff him.

my pet!

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